It was a brutally cold weekend  and we had a lot of time on our hands. The cold pretty much instilled the creative bug in us. We embarked on creating a happy birthday card for my mother in law as it was her birthday.

Every now and them I have dabbled in the art of entangle. I have no formal training but I loved to doodle as a child and I still do. Remember the days when you were sitting in a class where the professor was twice as boring as the subject. Well those were the classes where I indulged in the art of doodling. Come to find out now doodling has some benefits. For one, it calms the mind and takes it away from the daily noise. It is meditative. Secondly, it is creative and an art. By the end of the project you feel like you have accomplished something.

I looked at a couple of greeting cards online and I kind of added some my own elements to it.

Hope you get a chance to Zentangle one of these days.

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