We all spend most of our time sitting than standing or walking and that’s just reality. I spend about 60 % of my time sitting and it does not help when we have jobs that push us to live that lifestyle.

Dr. James A.Levine, a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist, in his book Get Up! has provided some research suggesting the effects of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. According to his book we are no longer using our bodies as they evolved to be used. As a result these are having negative consequences on our health and is a leading cause of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

The new phrase to keep in mind is Sitting is the New Smoking!

So what should you do to avoid sitting as much:

  • Purchase one of those treadmill desks if you work from home a lot or some companies offer similar options to employees.
  • Be creative and create an office space at home that promotes standing.
  • Don’t just think about yourself but think about your kids. Take your kids out for a walk. It is recommended that children spend atleast 60 minutes a day being active. Take your kids to the playground and run behind them, play tag or just pretend like you are a monster chasing them.

I bought a fitbit recently and so far the whole idea that I may have not completed 10,000 steps by the end of the night kind of gnaws at me.

So remember the next time you find yourself sitting for too long, remember that Sitting is the New Smoking.

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