Wow it’s been a while since I posted any recipes. It feels great to hear from folks out in the world that still go to the website!

My 4 year old has quite an appetite. She loves to eat good food and as she goes through her growth spurts,  I have to be prepared with healthy food options for her (which by the way does not happen all the time). What my husband and I have tried to do is in addition to trying to give her somewhat healthy options we are trying to present the food in a way that is fun and that is organized and portion controlled for her.

This morning was no exception, she was hungry when she woke up and to get her started for the day I put together a plate for her to eat as her breakfast plate # 1. She had more food for breakfast after this one.

The image below is that of a plate that I put together for her that is well organized, healthy and is above all fun!

I grated some carrots (half a carrot stick) and used them for the mouth and the hair.

I cut some oranges and made the ears, eyes and nose out of the oranges.

For the extra decorations I used some orange peppers and two carrots  that I had cut up as a circle.



So I ended up using the left over carrots as a healthy breakfast for me. The image above is a bowl of carrots with additional fruits that I had for breakfast. It is low in calories and it gives the push that you need for the day. I ended using up some left overs that were in the fridge.

So I need to start thinking about other healthy breakfast options. Any comments and thoughts would be welcome.


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