There are increasing number of articles on robotics and automation. What I am interested in, as a parent is how that could impact the day to day lives of parents and kids by say 2030 which is by the way only 12 years away.

If I had a time machine and could travel forward, I would take it and see what the future looks like. I am sure for those that lived in the 80’s, we would not have imagined smart phones, internet taking over our lives.

As a parent I ask myself the question, am I doing right by my child, am I equipping her with the right tools, so that she can make a living by the time she is ready to enter the workflow?

This is an interesting read, although the article was written in 2017, it could provide a guide as to what people think the future would look like.

What Life Is Going To Be Like For Your Kids In 2030, According To A Leading Futurist

In his article, Adam Bulger summarizes the predictions of a leading futurist, Ian Pearson.

The things that stood out is that parents would not have to worry about screen time, because tech companies like google are looking to make screens obsolete and are trying to develop lenses. Interesting concept.

Robots as friends, I can’t wrap my head around this one. Robots will be you kids friends. I question the ethics behind this, when friendships are made with robots. What would that mean for a child’s development?

Daycare, robots will help folks in the day care to keep track of kids and determine sooner if kids need help. I can see the benefits of having a bot do that in chaotic and understaffed day cares.

Robots as Nannies, Bots will replace human nannies, caring for kids while you tend to some work.

I may be old schooled but are we moving into a society that depends so much on bots that we lose the innate human need of being a hunters and gatherers?

There are definite benefits to robotics, but are we ready for what’s coming as parents?

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