My daughter and I created a vision board this past weekend and I finally created one that I think makes sense. Alot of the vision boards that I have seen online are very visual with magazine cutouts.

For me I like things either drawn as a mind map or as a list.

I created three columns:

  1. Column 1 covered my long term goals – This included categories such as health, wealth, bucket list
  2. Column 2 had my 5 year goals, I included the same categories above
  3. Column 3 had my near term (1 year) goals, I included the same categories but these ended up being very specific

I see vision boards not as anything mythical but more of a roadmap to get me to where I need to go for the short term and long term.

Some people say it works and that the universe tries to align goals for you based on the vision board. I am not sure if that is true.

How do you create your vision boards?

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