This recipe is a vegetarian low carb low fat soup with jeera in it. You can eat this as is or as a side dish. This is perfect for a rainy day when all you want to do is eat something warm. The color of the soup is rich and vibrant and delicious.

Serves: 2-3

To make this you will need:

  1. I medium sized beet cut into small pieces. Remove the skin.
  2. Onion- 1/2 medium sized onion finely cut
  3. Carrots – finely cut
  4. Celery – finely cut
  5. Vinegar – 2 tbspn
  6. salt to taste
  7. Jeera – 2 tspn
  8. Parsley  cut finely – 1 cup
  9. Olive oil – 1/2 tbsp
  10. Vegetable broth
  11. 3 cups water


  1. In a big pot add the olive oil.
  2. let the oil warm up and then add the jeers and 1/2 a cup of the parsley
  3. Add the onion and let it cook till translucent.
  4. Add the vinegar and the beets, celery and carrots.
  5. Now add the broth and the water.
  6. Let it cook for 35 minutes on a medium heat.
  7. Remove the vegetables from the soup (scoop these out) and add it to the blender and blend just enough so that the veggies get to smaller pieces. You don’t want these mushy though.
  8. Put the veggies back in the blender and cook for 20 more minutes on medium heat.
  9. Garnish the soup with parsley.
  10. You are all set for a healthy soup.
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