Since I am not a professional by any means in sewing, I always gravitate towards projects that are simple to make. This was fairly simple and it did have some match involved. I made this for my daughter who is 4 years old. I fell in love with the material when I bought the material. Atleast it takes to me to the future i.e. Spring of 2016 when we all can get away from this treacherous weather.



As you can see above there is some math involved.

I bought 2 yards of the fabric. The material is cotton. I folded the fabric into fours.

I measured my daughters waist size and divided it by 6.28 to get the radius.

I then measured the desired length from the waist down and added that to the radius.

I took a measuring tape and first marked the points that I needed to cut the fabric.

I then took the tape and marked the length.

I cut the fabric at the markings.

For the elastic waist band I added two more inches to the originally measured waist size and I stitched the elastic band so that it is a circle.

I then assembled and stitched the waist band to the circle skirt and then hemmed the bottom of the skirt.

One of my next projects is to sew one for me.

I hope you enjoyed this project.

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