As I write this post the day after the Las Vegas shootings, my heart goes out to those families and loved ones that have faced this tragedy. No words can express what they must be going through.

Anyways on a much lighter note, I have spoken about savings galore, but there are moments when we need to take our families out to celebrate those moments in life such as birthdays and you don’t want to cook and want to have a fun time keeping in mind your budget.

In comes Costco. I am not sure if any of you shop at Costco, but it is valuable to shop at Costco if you can keep focused on your purchases and be a smart shopper. This is by no means a paid blog and I am not endorsing Costco by any means.

Costco has a section where they have a display of these big cards. A lot of folks pass by the display and don’t really notice them. They are definitely of value. These are almost like gift cards to restaurants. The one’s that I have seem are a mix between local restaurants to chains to ice cream parlors. For instance and this is just an example, you can purchase a $100.00 gift card for $75.00, which works out to be a 25% discount. 

Alright are you with me still? Think of it as a 25% return on your investment, where you are paying yourself 25% interest. You can’t get that return at the bank or the stock market!!

In the above example we were given 4 gift cards of $25.00 each. We paid $75.00 and doubled down on some online coupons to save a bunch on a nice meal at a nice restaurant.

We as a family will be using the cards to eat out every now and then.

Are there any cost savings ideas you have to eating out? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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