This is by no means a paid a review. The views and review are solely based on my experience.
We went to a health food grocery store over the weekend and found some rather interesting meals. In walking through the isles we came across the Modern Table Meals. The modern table meals are interesting as their website describes their products as ” For delicious, protein rich meals ready in 15 minutes or less.”
The good:
The dehydrated veggies were refreshing to see (no pun intended here).
The meal was ready in 15 minutes
This is a much healthier option to feed your family in comparison to say a quick call to the pizza store
The fiber is pretty high
Instead of flour based rotini, it is interesting to see rotini made out of lentils (a big plus in my book)The bad
In reading the label, the sodium was pretty high
What they could have done better is added a better mix of dehydrated veggies like carrots peas and maybe corn? This may be personal, but I a not a fan of leeks.
All in all a good buy. It fed me and my daughter for lunch and there are some left overs for tomorrow. For a healthy meals with some veggies that my four year old would it was worth the buy.


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