I am not a professional when it comes to sewing, but I enjoy sewing. In my quest to learn, I found an old pillow case that had a beautiful bright floral design and made it into an Apron for my four year. I took this pillow case:


and turned it into this:

This was a fun project. This is how I made the Apron.

  1. I took an old pillow case and cut the front of the pillow case that had a design.
  2. I realized that the material was really thin and decided to create an inner lining so that the Apron would hold up longer. For the lining I used an old bed sheet that was pink in color.
  3. I created a pattern on the pillow case and made sure the bed sheet in 2 above had the identical pattern.
  4. I cut both the pillow case and the bedsheet together following the pattern.
  5. In the mean time, I used some material that was at the back of the pillow case to make the handles/ ribbons to tie the apron at the back and a neck handle/ ribbon. I cut two the ribbons for tying at the back with a measurement of 3 x 20. I cut the ribbons into two parts so that the measurements were now  3 x 10 each. I rolled the wrong sides facing each other so that it was now 1.50 x 10 and stitched one ribbon. I turned the material inside out. I did the same for the second ribbon. I did the same of the neck.
  6. I created a hem ( about 1/2 an inch around) for the pillow case and the bed sheet.
  7. I ironed the hem, for both the bedsheet and the pillow case cutting and put them (wrong sides) facing each other.
  8. I made a top stitch around the Apron and tucked the ribbons as mentioned in 5 above at the right places and stitched over the ribbons.
  9. Voila and done. Now my daughter has a cute looking Apron!

Lessons learned in this project: The sewing machine acts weird and the stitches end up weird if the bobbin has issues. The lesson here is to check if the bobbin has been placed properly before starting.



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