In the US, holidays creep up really fast. We have Halloween (which is a celebration) in October, followed by Thanksgiving in November, Christmas and New Years in December. In our household given that we love to celebrate all three, it is a big deal.

So it is but obvious that I used to get overwhelmed with all the holiday activities, food and gifts. I am still not there, but I have gotten better each year and planning gifts and events that go along. You’s probably think I am crazy, but there is nothing like planning the holidays and get through the to do’s ahead of time and under budget at times.

It is close to the end of September and I am ready this year. I have four event lists that I like to keep.

  1. The Halloween list: Inorder to get to this list I end up doing a brain dump on a blank sheet of paper. I come up with the broad categories based on the brain dump, such as decorations, dresses, events. I then look at the events that we need to go to and for each event plan the dresses, food and gifts. My list sort of looks like this. Event 1 – October XX – Chips, Salad – Elsa costume/ Event 2 ……
  2. The Thanksgiving list: I have never hosted thanksgiving, but we do usually visit family. For that, I have a smaller list for food and gifts for the host. This is a relatively smaller list.
  3. The BIG Christmas list: From Thanksgiving to Christmas there are lots of events locally that we go to. I have those listed on a calendar that I bought from the dollar store. It gives me a good visual about the weekends. I maintain two lists for Christmas. One is for the events/ food  and the other for gifts and where I need to buy the gifts from. This year I would like to order the gifts way in advance just so that it is out of the way. It gets stressful shopping last minute.
  4. The New Years list: For the new years, I like to send out cards. This list has a list of folks that I need to send new years cards to.

Is there a system that you follow to plan for the holidays. I would love to hear from you.


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