The blog has evolved over the years. As I look back, the blog was intended for my daughter as a diary of some sorts, as my compass of what means to me, that I can hand down to her.

I celebrate not the number of visitors that visit this site but celebrate the frozen memories and moments that each blog post has offered. I also celebrate the numerous followers that this blog has brought.

This is the 101st post and holds meaning to me, for I am writing about parenting.

Bringing a child in your life is life changing. To me it was expecting the unexpected. Right from the time my daughter started crying that first night I was in the maternity unit and I was trying to scramble to understand the WHY?! is she crying. What does she need. Is she cold.. Is he too hot… is she hungry or does she simply need a hug. Believe me motherhood did not come naturally to me.

Now that she is 6, the focus has changed. Although she is not the small little baby (though she will always be that baby in my life), her needs have changed. Her challenges and my challenges are different. She is coming into a world of social media and bullying which is so scary.

How does one prepare a child to face such challenges. I struggle with what is the right thing to do as a parent? Should I resort to being a Tiger Mom? Would I end up ruining her psychologically by being one or should I let her be and say, she will figure it out and have no structure. What style works for my child given the environment that she is in…. that’s still to be determined, but I would say I am somewhere in between the Tiger Mom and the unstructured parent.

This 101st post is for all those parents who question what’s right for your children day in and day out and want what’s best for them….

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