Here is a story that I used to live everyday and I still live till this day, but have gotten a lot better with. Pic Jointer

There is a love and hate relationship with me and my purse. I need my purse with me every time I walk out the door but I could never seem to find anything in time when I needed to find something. A classic example is, a couple of months ago I was at the grocery store, I had finished shopping and was about to pay for the groceries, when I reached out to my purse to locate my wallet and without looking in the purse proceeded to shuffle through my purse with my hand. I could not locate my wallet amongst the tonnes of who knows what was in my purse. Now this was embarrassing. There were a few people standing behind me and they started to look annoyed at me.

I put my purse down and proceeded to now really “Dig” through the rubble. As I dug through the rubble desperately, I finally found the infamous wallet that I was looking for. Yikes. All that digging through my purse took a good couple of minutes. Now that was embarrassing as I had held up the line, managed to get a couple of disgruntled looks and wasted everyone’s time, including mine.

I went home that day and assessed what was in the purse and noticed all the clutter that I had built up. There were papers, receipts, more papers, coins, a small toy and a lot of junk that I really never use on a day to day basis.

I can totally get why men get frustrated with women about their purses.

Another classic example that I would like to share, is around the keys. How may of us actually put our keys in our bags/ purses and can never find the keys when we need them?

Here are a couple of simple steps to follow that will allow you to declutter your purse and keep it organized:

  1. I am a creature of habit and love the fact that I can use and reuse the same things again an again each day. This applies to our purses as well. I use one purse to carry with me during the weekdays for work and one over the shoulder purse during the weekends that gives me the flexibility and versatility. I maintain the same contents in each purse with the exception of what I need for work which I do not transfer over to my weekend purse.
  2. Keep cleaning through your purse once a week or more. I find that this act helps me keep on task with what I have in my purse and mentally I have an inventory of  what I have.
  3. Some folks love purse inserts and I don’t. I have tried those inserts and they do not work. Instead by being a minimalist, by default I do not have to carry a lot with me.
  4. Only keep the essentials and keep it simple. This is important, because the more you add on as being essential leads to the whole clutter anyways.

These are tips that work for me and may not work for everyone. However, these steps have helped me stay organized during the week and weekends. It would be a lot nicer if we women did not have to carry a purse at all, but reality is such that I would be lost without one.




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