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Given the recent storms we have had in the US, it becomes important to set up an Emergency Contact List. I see the Emergency Contact list as a necessary step that you and your entire family can rely in times of need. Say for instance you were out and your kids were at home, train your kids to refer to emergency list if there were events such as a fire, water issues etc.

In this blog I will address what’s needed to build the list and what needs to be on the list. Here are a couple of points to keep on mind while building the list:

  1. Think about two categories: Emergency vs Non Emergency. In the Emergency category include things like 9-1-1, numbers to your police department, hospital numbers. In the Non Emergency category, include numbers for utilities, doctors numbers, your cell phone numbers, number to your baby sitters, Insurance numbers (home, health). The next step is to type or write these numbers out. Try to keep the list to one page.
  2. Location: Once you have compiled the list place the list in a central location. You can place it on your fridge or on a wall close to the door. Choose a highly visible location to place the list. Also, keep a digital copy of the list and share it with your family and friends if need be. A good example is create a folder in your email called emergency or such and share the folder with other email id’s.
  3. Laminate !: Laminate your one pager or slip it in one of those plastic paper holder/ displays. The latter would be better if you ever wanted to update the list.
  4. Update: Review the list once every 3 months to see if anything has changed and update accordingly.

Keep in mind an emergency list is different from an emergency plan. An emergency plan is a plan to establish your needs during a crisis. I will cover an article that will go through how to go about developing an emergency plan.


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