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There is nothing like working with your child to construct a log house for your daughters dolls. It’s not just understanding the ” how” to build process and teaching her the basics of putting things together, but it is trying to teach her the value of not wasting but recycling something as simple as your daily news paper into a house for her dolls.

So this is super easy to make.


All you need are: Scissors, an old small box (shoe box would do), Some foam sheets for the door and windows, newspapers, regular glue and hot glue.


  1. Cut up the newspapers into 10 inches by 10 inches squares.
  2. Roll the newspapers into pipes and glue each so that it stays.
  3. Take a box and cut out a door on all sides with the exception of one side so that the door open and closes.
  4. Do the same as 3 above for the window.
  5. Cut the foam sheets the size of the window and the door and glue the sheet on to the window and the door.
  6. Now comes the fun part, start gluing the newspaper pipes all around the box. Use the glue gun for this so that the newspapers sticks firmly.
  7. For the roof, cut up two cardboard and make sure you stick them together at one of the edges so that they are a V shape. Use the glue gun here.
  8. Start gluing the pipes with the glue gun to the roof and finally glue gun the roof the house.
  9. Let the whole house dry for an hour or so.
  10. and you are done….

Enjoy your creation!



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