This is not a food recipe post. So you must be wondering as to why I am posting this. Well, it just so happens that I have developed a keen interest in crafting over the last couple of years be it, pencil drawings, Zentangle or small DIY crafts. I was snooping around the web for some cool DIY holiday gift ideas and I came across, the cornstarch dough clay recipe. The end result is that I can make small embellishments for either jewelry or to hang as ornaments.

Please note, I am still waiting for the embellished clay dough to dry to paint them so that I can show the images of the completed project.

This recipe is a mix from a couple that I have seen online. The good is that I did not have to buy anything from the store. I used household items that were lying around.


Corn Starch – I table spoon

Glue – I used Mod Podge – 1 table spoon

Olive oil – 4 -5 drops

Vaseline (yes vaseline. What would I do without vaseline) – one small scoop

1 cup to stir the ingredients in

Pot of water


  1. In the cup add the corn starch and the Glue. IMG_1825


2. Stir


3. Add the oil



4. Stir

5. Put the pot of water on your cooking range and put the cup inside the pot of water as it warms. Stir the mixture for around 7 – 10 minutes until the consistency become easy to manage as you stir.IMG_1830

6. Once step 5 is complete, add the vaseline and mix.


7. Make a ball from the dough.


9. Pull smaller pieces from the dough mixture and make your own ornaments.

10. I made an octopus, fish, heart …. and poked small holes at this stage where I thought I could insert a wire through for future use.


11. Wait for 3 days for the embellishments to dry completely. 12. The next step is for me to paint the embellishments with either acrylic paint or with nail polish. I will post some pictures after I have painted them.

12/2 – Update.

We did not do a good job painting these, but here is the end result. The first image is that of an octopus and the second that of the sun. It was a cool project to work with my 4 year old. My thought is to use this on a self painted picture frame.

IMG_1843 IMG_1840

I hope you enjoyed the instructions. I would love to hear from you if there is a better way to do this craft.


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