Gathering trash on earth day

Gathering trash on earth day

Earth day is on Sunday, April 22. It is still a week a way, but my kiddo’s school celebrated earthday this Friday, since school is out for Springbreak next week.

As a result, my daughter had a special request from me yesterday. She wanted to go on a nature walk. Not really a nature walk, but more of a nature cleaning walk.

As I walked along with my daughter on a nature cleanup yesterday, that she so wanted to go on, I could not believe that the person walking next to me was actually MY kiddo. Why? She is more socially conscious at her age than I ever was.

She did not want to play outside, even though the weather was great! She wanted to go out there  to clean up trash from our neighborhood. We walked around our neighborhood with gloves to pick up mostly Cigarette Butts.

I did not realize how many cigarette butts were out there just lying around.

According to the new scientist, “We have found that one cigarette butt soaked in a litre of water for 96 hours leaches out enough toxins to kill half of the fresh or salt water fish exposed to them.”

There were other trash related items such as plastic, ribbons etc. Where does this trash end up? It probably ends up in the soil and then in the birds etc.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, cigarette butt litter accounts for one in every five items collected during cleanups, making it the most prevalent form of litter on earth. There are over 176,000,000 pounds of discarded cigarette butts in the United States each year.

What I am trying to do here is to make a point. The point being that kids can teach us a thing or two. I would have walked my merry way without noticing the cigarette butts on the ground, had it not been for my daughter.

The next generation

The hope is that the next generation are more socially conscious citizens of the world, but why wait till the next generation. Why not start now and learn a thing or two from our own kids?



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