Morning to all my followers and to the world!

I am writing this blog to talk about the importance of how being organized can lead to savings.

I hope you are not reading this article and thinking ” What the heck is she talking about”. Yes I have the declutter and stay organized bug going on. It’s not just a passing fad, but I am seeing the results.

Prior to being organized ( I still have a long way to go), I was cluttered not just in my physical space but in my mind.  I would be one of those people that had all these great ideas but how do I act on the ideas. You may ask, how can I save money through being organized? Here are my top 3 action items for you to do that are achievable and all you need is a will to do it, a calendar and a pen and paper (toss that laptop and phone away).

Here you go:

  1. Make 2 kinds of lists: A. A To Do List: Write down what your immediate to do items are and think about SMAE. Are these to do’s simple, manageable, achievable and essential for the day/ week? If yes, then put it down on the paper and follow through. B. As ideas pop up in your mind, write those down and incorporate those in your To Do’s.
  2. Have a morning routine: Have a morning routine, that will set the tone for the day. For those mom’s out there, this will give you your alone time that you need.
  3. Keep an inventory: Keep an inventory of items that you have in say the fridge or in the storage. What this will do, is it will slowly help inform you of what assets do you have in your house. Once you have a handle on what you have, you can sort through the clutter and dispose items away and keep those that are valuable.

Above all, do not beat your self if you do fall off. If you do, simply dust yourself off and keep moving forward!

Please comment below if you have any tips or tricks on organizing and saving.

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