Happy 2017 Presidents Day for those in the US!

I am a strong believer in planning as much as you can, ahead of time. I know there may be some times when a plan does not work, no matter how hard you try.

In the past few years, I have bought numerous diaries and books to help me plan (waste of money), but for some reason they never worked out.

The only system that has worked for me is using these small notebooks (not the 8.5 x 11’s but pocket notebooks) that have blank pages on the inside.

The smaller notebook allows easy mobility from my desk at home to my purse to my work bag.

This is how I have set up my planner:

Page 1 = Short Term Goals ( I leave the back page blank)

Page 2 = Long Term Goals

Page 3 = the following day of the week

It is on this page I put the date and make a list of tasks I need to accomplish.

Page 4 = The next day of the week etc etc.

After I am done with the tasks for atleast a week away,  include a page dedicated to my menu for the week. From this menu I plan my groceries of the week.

This simple technique keeps me on task and track on what I need to do and makes me think about where I can save,be it grocery shopping or buying clothes.

I am not sure if there are techniques out there that have worked for you and that keep you on track.

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