The two seem like an oxymoron, saving and having fun. Well there are ways to save money during a long weekend and have fun at the same time. Fun does not have to hurt your wallet.

I am adding this picture from a farm that we took last year and to remind everyone that Memorial Day is the start of fun times! Summer ahh and beautiful weather. The weekend is also a time for one to pause and wind down.

There are a lot of ways you can save money this coming long weekend.

1.       Go camping at a state park

If you have the camping gear already, take a ride to a state park and go camping. If you do not have gear, rent the gear or borrow the gear from friends. This involves some planning. So plan your foods, sun screens and the whole package before your head out the door.

There are a number of resources for you to find camping grounds. This is one of them.

2.       Catch the deals at your grocery store

Grocery stores usually publish their deals ahead of the weekend. Some deals are lost leaders (stores lose money to get traffic through the door).

Check this article out from the business insider.

Double up your sales with apps like ibotta.

3.       Barbeque at a local park

If you do not own a grill, grab some charcoal, new papers and some oil, with some buns and meat or veggies to enjoy an afternoon at a park. Make sure you get there earlier in the day. Most state parks get busy during that weekend and it is hard to get a grill.

4.       Try sites like Groupon, they make money off having consumers bundle their purchases is groups.

5.       Visit Local Museums

Some museums allow free entry or close to free during the weekend. Let your kids have fund and learn at the same time without paying much.

6.       Local events

There could be parades or events scheduled by your local time. Best of all these are free!

7.       Plan, plan and plan

Plan your memorial day ahead, such as meals, events and keeping your kids busy to make it a memorable memorial day weekend! 

Do you have any money saving tips that you would like to share? Comment below.


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