This year we decided to do some urban gardening. With the minimal land area ( 5 feet by 4 feet), we were able to plant the following:

Zuchini, 2 tomato plants, 2 Egg plants, Muesklin Leaves, Basil Leaves, Dill and Mint Leaves.

These are pictures of how the garden looked right after we planted the above mentioned. The planting was done toward the end of the month.

Below is a picture of the egg plant.

photo 2-1


These are pictures of how the garden looked today. I did not realize how big the Zuchini plant grows. The Zuchini is getting flowers. One of the Tomato plants is getting small tomatoes. All in all the garden is growing quite a bit.

Below are pictures of the Zuchini.

photo 3



photo 2



photo 1


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