I really like the fact that Barbie’s are now going to be in different sizes and shapes. Kudo’s to the team for making the change.

Anyway’s on a lighter note, summer are for flip flops, but there is no season for making flip flops for your daughter’s barbie. I saw a really cool video explaining how to make flip flops for dolls. It’s fairly simple to make. It’s a neat process to go through to make these flip flops.

This is what you need to make these adorable flip flops, foam sheet (optional different colors), scissors, ribbon or I used cloth that was laying around, Glue gun and nail polich (this is optional)

These are the steps to make the flip flops


Trace the left and right feet of your barbie. ¬†Once you have the design of the foot, cut a few mm’s around the traced feet and cut 3 layers. Now take the cloth and cut it just enough so that it fits over the barbie’s feet and add a few mm’s more. Now on one of the cut layers, cut two splits just enough for the cloth to pass through. Take the glue gun and glue the cloth to the back of the layer. Now glue the three layers together and voila, now for the fitting. Fit the shoe in the Barbie dolls foot.

If you want to add some sparkle use some nail polish and let dry. Make the other flip flop and now your barbie is ready for the summer games to begin!

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