Have you ever attended those never ending requirements meetings where people just talk over each other and multi task, which results in no decisioning? It all boils down to how does one facilitate meetings effectively to reach the objective that was set out originally.

  1. Agenda: Prepare an Agenda for the meeting. This boils down to what are the objectives and outcomes that the team needs to achieve.
  2. Stakeholders: Which stakeholders (Attendees) must you include to meet those objectives.
  3. Timebox: How much time should each block of the agenda take and lay it out for the attendees.
  4. Closing: Close the meeting by providing a Summary of what was discussed and next steps.
  5. Publish Meeting Notes: Publish meeting notes and email it to the group. The notes should include the action items, who is responsible for those and when do they need to be delivered by.

No one likes chaos and the steps above could lead to an effective and constructive meeting.

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