Newspaper Basket DIY

Newspaper Basket DIY

This was an interesting project. I had created a similar basket out of newspapers a couple of years ago.

It’s a fascinating project, in that there are so many things you can create out of newspapers as a medium of construction. First of all, newspapers are abundant to get. People end up throwing away their newspapers and above all there is a personal satisfaction that you are helping the environment.




This project is a little more involved than the other craft projects. You need to first create the base and then the sides.

For this project you will need, Newspapers, a chopstick, glue (regular), Modpodge (optional), Glue Gun, a Paper Clip Binder and a top of a water bottle.

To create the base:

  1. Cut the newspapers so that they measure around 10 inches by 10 inches. Cut a whole bunch.
  2. Create newspaper straws by rolling the 10 by 10 inch cut newspapers with a chopstick. Glue the edges. See the pictures above.
  3. After you have created a whole bunch, start rolling these around as you can see in the image here.

Newspaper Basket Base

You will need a paper clip binder to hold the straws together. The key is to glue one straw with the other as you make this circular base.

Lastly, apply glue or modpodge so that the straws are glued to each other and you get that glossy finish.

Now for the sides.

IMG_2497 IMG_2498 IMG_2499

Newspaper Basket

Newspaper Basket

  1. Once the base is dry, take the straws and cover them around the top of the water bottle.
  2. I made 11 rings and glue gunned (if that’s a word :)) those to the circular base.
  3. I made another row of these wonderful rings and placed them on top of the first row as mentioned in 2 above.
  4. I stopped there.

You can decide to keep building on these and paint these.  I would recommend applying a varnish or even spray painting your creation.

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