It’s a snowy day today and schools out for the little one. What a perfect day to make enjoy the snow outside and to be creative.

I had bought some warm socks from the dollar store and it turned out to be useful on a day like this. We put together a puppet out of a sock.

I had my daughter make one while I was working on mine.

What you will need for this project are:

  1. Craft scissors
  2. a pair of socks
  3. I had some round eyes that I had purchased from the craft store, but of you don’t have any be creative, you can cut some cloth and make some eyes.
  4. Glue gun
  5. Felt sheet ( I used black to match the pink)
  6. Cut out a heart out of a red felt sheet.
  7. Some card stock for the mouth


  1. Place your hand in the sock and get an idea of where the mouth will go.
  2. Cut an egg shape out of the card stock just enough to fit the bottom of the sock
  3. Hot glue the card stock and now with the same shape cut the black felt sheet and hot glue it over the card stock that’s already on the card stock. An now you have the mouth.
  4. Now try to roll the edges of the sock over the mouth.
  5. Now hold glue the heart on the mouth. That’s the tongue.
  6. Now this is where you can get creative. I stuck my hand in the sock and got a sense of where the eyes, nose and hair would go and I glued those on the sock.
  7. Voila and now we are ready for some play time.




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