My daughter turned 6 this year and we have a party planned for her. For her party, the creative bug got into me this year and I decided to tackle assembling the goodie bags at home, inexpensively and without sacrificing what we were giving the kids. The cost of goody bags online are anywhere from 4 to 6 dollars per bag. The challenge was to cut down the cost into 1/2 of that without sacrificing the display or the charm of the goody bag and keeping the candy out of the mix.

I remember as a child, I used to love getting goody bags and opening up the bags.

The dollar tree is awesome for those that do not go there. It is a great place to shop for decorations and little nick nacks.

I found a bag of 40 brown bags for a dollar. These were the plain ones. I found a bag of 20 – 30 call out poster cut outs. I had some ribbons at home already. Over the past year we had accumulated a couple of educational toys and small toys that I had found on deals just for purposes like these. (Thinking ahead).

To decorate the goody bags, I got some help from my daughter and we glued the call out cut out to the brown bag. I will be using the call outs for writing the names of the kids.

I punched a hole in the bags and added the toys to the brown bags before inserting the ribbons to the bag. Here is a break down of my cost per bag.

approximately 3 cents per bag

Callouts  10 Cents per call out (I used 2 per bag)

Two toys per bag 2 dollars

Ribbons were basically free (I had them from before)

My Total cost per bag was 2 dollars and 13 cents.

So from paying 4 to 6 dollars per bag, I spent a little over 2 dollars without sacrificing the quality of the contents.

Would love to hear from you on your experiences with the goody bags and any ideas you may have.

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