I have started using Sunday’s as my day to organize and do some cleaning for the week. I wanted to clean my laptop today, but did not want to leave home to drive all the way to a Best Buy or Walmart to buy one of those cleaning products just to clean my laptop. The cost of one of those cleaner could be anywhere between 13 dollars to around 17 to 18 dollars. By the time I got the store, I would have lost time and gas.

In googling around, I found a couple of people use a 1:1 ratio of Vinegar and Distilled water. I had both. So I mixed the two in a pray bottle and shut off the laptop completed. I sprayed the mix on a microfiber cloth (which I had bought from the dollar store) and dabbed the mix on the keyboard and cleaned the monitor.

I used some ear buds to get through some corners and those hard to get places. The end result was, all the oil stains were gone and my laptop actually looked clean and definitely usable. Here are some instructions for you to make the mixture.

Prep Time: 1 -2 minutes (assuming you have everything at home)


Distilled water

Spray bottle (use an old one that may be lying around)

Microfiber Cloth

Ear Buds

  1. Mix the Vinegar and the Distilled Water (1: 1 ratio)
  2. Shake
  3. Spray on the cloth
  4. Clean away

Do you have any cleaning tips or tricks for cleaning laptops, phones or electronic devices?




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