It get’s a bit overwhelming when my daughter comes home with a bag full of paper with her art. Over the years, I have tried to save some of her art, but never in an organized fashion. This post combines crafting, with organizing.

Now that she is 6 years old, I think it’s time that I get her more involved into the decision process of what needs to be saved versus what not.

As a result, the first step that I took to solve the problem was to research a couple of blogs. The one that stood out was Organize365. It is a blog about organizing and Lisa talks about creating a Sunday Basket for all paperwork that needs to be looked at. Her philosophy is to save all paperwork that needs to be sorted, looked at in a Sunday basket and use each Sunday to sort through any paperwork.

So here comes my love of organization and crafts all into one. I recently received a package in the mail. I was left with a rectangular box. I cut the flaps of the box and spray painted the box white. I then went ahead and labeled the box and called it the “Art Bin.” I added some gold glittered poster board cut out to make it more attractive and voila a bin is born.

Below are some images of what I did to create the Art Bin:

The organization part kicks in as follows:

  1. As soon as my daughter comes back from school, she unloads all that paperwork into the art bin.
  2. Each Sunday we go through the art bin and figure out what she needs versus what she does not need.
  3. For the things she does need, I put it aside on the book shelf.
  4. Once a month on a Sunday, sort through the papers she put aside and ask her if she wants to keep the art. If yes, then put the art work in a scrap book.
  5. If she does not want to keep the art, see if you can use the paper for other art projects or for other crafts.
  6. I would love to hear from you if you have a system in place for your children’s artwork.
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