When my daughter was one years old I saw a similar toy for sale at toys r us. I thought about taking tye risk and seeing one on my own. As you know I struggle with the sewing machine, but as I go through these projects I get more confident using the machine. A sewing machine in my opinion is like a friend, that in my case is growing on me.

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What you will need are scissors, cotton cloth ( you can use any material of your choice)

Ribbon – I purchased one from the dollar store or felt. I used felt here.

sewing machine

Basting optional – I used it on one and I thought that the crinkly noise does not happen as much.

Plastic candy wrappers (and no we did not eat the candies) 🙂

This is what you need to do:

cut 2 squares from the materials 4×5 inches each.

cut the ribbons/ felt approx 6 cms long.

with the right sides facing each other and the ribbons on the right sides, sew the sides.

Leave an opening so that you can turn the right sides out.

Through the unstitched side put the wrappers through.

Once completed sew the opening. You can top stitch tye toy on the sides and voila you are done.

You can gift it to someone or if you have a little one I am sure they will be fascinated with the noise.

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