My daughter will turn 6 this year and we wanted to throw a birthday party. In the past few years, I have organized Birthday’s for my daughter, but they have been at a local farm that really does not charge much. I made a couple of calls this year to understand what the cost would be to hire a space and oh boy these places are expensive. Places were charging me anywhere from 200 – 400 dollars just to rent some space.

Here is a list of places that you could have an inexpensive birthday party at:

  1. Your house – no cost for renting a space. The only cost you have is your time, food, decorations and entertainment
  2. Local farms – Some farms have rooms for birthday parties and may charge a minimal amount
  3. Local restaurants – Restaurants may not charge you for the space but may charge for the food. You would have to pay for the food, entertainment and decorations etc.
  4. Craft Stores – I ended up with this options this year. Michael’s has an option to rent a room for 50 dollars, they provide a helper and they allow for us to bring our own food. How can you go wrong with this options
  5. Parks – Parks are a great option to have a birthday bash. You end up not paying for the space, may be a minimal charge and you can keep kids busy if there are pools or recreational activities.

As part of the plan of organizing your child’s birthday, think about how you can save with the cake and food. A lot of grocery stores bake some excellent cakes. We have a local store Big Y which does an excellent job. They have coins that you can use toward the cake. For a large cake (feeds 60 -70 people) I will end up paying close to 40 dollars.

Other food options to consider are buying in bulk at your stores like costco, where the cost per pound could end up being significant.

Ofcourse the the best and probably least expensive option would be to celebrate the day at home, cooking the food and baking the cake at home. You just have to balance your time with what you can commit to doing!


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