Welcome to Jyothiscorner. The purpo20131021-191145.jpgse of thus blog was to provide a diary of recipes, crafts and anything health related for my daughter, that she can refer to for when she grows up.

This blog has evolved over the years and will evolve in the coming years. Enjoy the blog.

7 facts about me!

1 – I am a mother of a beautiful girl who is growing way to fast. She is 6.

2 – I am creative and health conscious. I love working out, even if it means walking for a few minutes.

3 – Yes I have a full time job and work long hours and take care of my family. But it’s all about balance.

4 – I like to craft and love the arts. I believe that there is some (if not more) science to arts and crafts.

5 – I like to cook, though I will always be a student of cooking.

6 – My favorite workouts lately have been the jump rope and some really intense youtube HIIT workouts. Check out Melissa Bender’s workout videos ( I am not affiliated to her) and you will get exhausted just looking at her work outs. She is amazing.

7 – I am always evolving as a person and learning new things to enhance my life and people’s lives around me.

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