All the holiday eating and cooking got me a bit lazy. to cook. So I decided to go to Costco and see what was out there. Lo and behold I came across this tempting package from Kohinoor at Costco, so I thought to myself let me spend some money. The price seemed reasonable. The package contained microwaveable meals of Indian ” Dal Palak with Basmati Rice.”


Instead of spending money buying an unhealthy pizza from the restaurant, this seemed like a viable option.
By the way, I have not been paid for this review. The opinions expressed here are truly my opinions.

The Good:

When you look at the package, it is a vegetarian meal that has reduced sodium and is gluten free. The Sodium content is 165mg which is seriously lower than any Indian prepackaged meals I have seen around there.

It takes 2 minutes to pop this in the microwave and your ready to eat the meal.

When you open the package there are two compartments, one for the basmati rice and the second for the daal. For those that are not familiar with daal, daal is an indian lentil dish. There are many many variations of deals and this is just one. It took exactly two minutes for everything to cook.

The meal was delicious and it made me full and not craving for more of something else.

The brand “Kohinoor” has come a long way since what I used to eat a couple of years ago.

The packaging claims that it is low in cholesterol, has 0 trans fat, has no msg, has no preservatives and has no artificial colors.

In looking at the list of ingredients, the first ingredient is water. The list of ingredients do not have any of the unpronounceable words. They are all natural ingredients such as Fenugreek.

The not so good:

I can’t find any. The taste is delicious. The only comment I can make here that this is too good to be true.

The other point here is, of course any home made daal would be a lot cheaper, but the purpose of buying this was to save time cooking. So I think I made out with this one and I would give my thumbs up.

Keep up with the good job Kohinoor.

If anyone out there has had Indian packaged products that are healthy please do let me know. I would love to hear from you.









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