Having given up coffee and anything with caffeine in it, I have taken it upon myself to rely on food sources to keep my energy up throughout the course of the day. That means keeping a balance between the carbs, proteins and other nutrients in a delicate balance. However, reality is that the balance may not occur every single day. In my quest for other healthy sources I thought about consuming hot chocolate and herbal tea. In looking through the options for hot chocolate there aren’t many healthy options.

In my quest I found the almost perfect solution and it is using:

  1. Chocolate bar – 10 ounces
  2. Almond milk – I cup
  3. Sugar free pancake syrup – 2 tspns or as needed





As seen in the images above mix the almond milk, chocolate bar and the syrup and let it boil.

Once it has boiled pour in a glass and enjoy!

Do yo have any hot chocolate recipes that are healthy?

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