My daughter and I play around the house a lot and sometimes I tend to run out of ideas around what to play with her. I looked at a couple of websites and videos around crafts and what caught my eye were these finger puppets. These puppets seemed like a lot of fun to make and to play with.

I checked out a couple of websites to understand what the requirements were to hand craft one and it seemed fairly easy.

My first finger puppet project was made with foam sheets and they looked pretty decent after they were made. This is the first time that I worked with foam sheets and I should say that they are a good medium to craft with. We ended up making a lion and elephant foam finger puppet. You can see the end result in the picture below.


After this project, I ended up making one with felt. The instructions are provided to you below. I might add that I rather enjoyed the look of foam more than felt.

You need the following for this project: Scissors, Needle and Thread (red), two separate felt sheets ( I chose black and red), optional if you draw the design in advance – pen and paper. Also, some knowledge of hand stitching is needed here.

For the felt finger puppet, we ended up making a cat. I drew the image of the cat on paper and cut the pieces (head, body, tail, eyes, nose, whiskers).

I cut two pieces of the head, 2 pieces of the body, one of the tail, 2 small dots for the eyes, one dot for the nose and the whiskers.

I added some left over materials to the head so that it fluffs up and then stitched the two pieces of head together.

I then stitched the eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth to the head.

I stitched the body pieces together making sure that the bottom was open for the puppet to fit on the fingers.

at the end I stitched the tail to the back of the body and stitched the head to the body and done.

We were ready to play with the lion, elephant and the cat. We had a blast and we also made a pretend puppet stage out the dining room chairs.

I am hoping to make a collection of animals in the future.

I hope you find this useful and thank you for taking the time to read this post.





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