I saw this beautiful fabric over the past weekend for Nurseries. It inspired me to look at what all I could take on as a project for this fabric. One of the easiest projects that I found was that of a baby blanket.


img_5687 img_5688 img_5689 img_5690 img_5692

Here are the instructions on making this adorable blanket.

  1. Get a yard of Nursery Fabric and a Yard of Minky Fabric.
  2. Cut both fabrics into 32 x 32 inches ( 2 inches for the seams)

To prepare the blanket:

  1. Place the right sides together and sew the fabrics together leaving a 4 inch gap.
  2. Once stitched pull the fabric out from the inside.
  3. Sew a top stitch and stitch the opening as well.

You are done. These are really great as baby gifts and are soo cuddly and soft.

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