I was an avid gym goer a few years ago. I joined two gyms one at work and one close to our house. My total monthly expense was at around $110.00 dollars, not including the child care which ranged from 3- 5 dollars an hour (cheap) but it still added up.

Even though the gym helped me with my weight loss and overall fitness it, I realized there were other ways of getting healthy.

Here are 6 ways you can get a good workout without spending a lot on the gym.

  1. Walk

One of the safest ways of getting your work out in is to walk in your neighbourhood. The fresh air will work wonders. Try introducing some jogging as you get used to the walks. Also consider walking during your lunch break at work. Take 15 minutes to eat and go on a brisk walk.

  • HIIT

For those that are looking to focus on their strength consider doing some HIIT work outs. There are a bunch of HIIT workouts available on youtube. Just click on watch later to save the work out.

  • Jump Rope

Invest in a 5 dollar jump rope and just start jumping. It is a full body work out and requires minimal space.  You could workout in a tiny apartment.

  • Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are supposed to work muscles and build muscles. You can buy resistance bands inexpensively and follow through with your work out/

  • Bodyweight Exercises

Instead of using the heavy body building machines at the gym, use your own body weight to build muscles.

  • Groupon

There are group fitness classes or fitness classes you can purchase on groupon or similar sites. They end up being cheaper than going to the gym.

I am not against gyms, but for the time it takes for you to get to the gym and get ready it makes sense to have a plan in place for your work outs. What do you do to workout and save on getting healthy? Please leave your comments below.

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