5 Tips for a fun and frugal 4th of July with your Kids

This year 4th of July is on a week day i.e. Wednesday which is the hump day. It makes it trickier to plan your vacation or to just take a few days off. A lot of colleagues I know at work are taking the whole week off as a result. In the event you are on vacation, here are a couple of tips for a fun and frugal 4th of July.

  1. Use the time to connect with your kids through crafting or interesting activities. It is not a crime to enjoy staying at home and organizing fun kids activities. Do some crafts with the kids, make some 4th of July decorations. There are plenty of ideas available on youtube. This will save you time and money on traveling, eating out and all those extra expenses that can pile up.



  1. 4th of July is known for fireworks and water. If you have young kids like mine is, borrow one of those small pools that you can add water in and have the kids and the kids neighbors sit in the pool. Some kids can sit in the pool for a while. You can also borrow one of those water sliders and run the hose and let the kids slide. Enjoy the day with home made popsicles or home made sandwiches.


  1. Have the kids bake 4th of July cup cakes. This is a fun activity especially, since the kids love to eat the batter. Have them decorate the cup cakes. Check this blog out for frugal ways to decorate cup cakes.


  1. Timeout at the local library. Most libraries have fund kids activities such the one that we have close by (love the library), they have a lego club and a summer reading program for kids and yes a chess club for the husbands. All this is totally free.


  1. Enjoy the fireworks. Check the town schedules and neighbouring town schedules. A lot of the towns have events this week that you can go to. The town next to ours has a 3 day festival with free music and events. There are some pretty cool things for the kids to do at these events.

The only expense that I see as worth the money, is purchasing some foldable chairs that you can use to sit outside and carry with you for the 4th of July festivities.


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