A Quiet No Sew Book: Part 2

This is a continuation of the quiet book. For pages 5 and 6 ( I had stopped at pages 3 and 4 for part 1), I created trees, clouds, grass and I added some Velcro for the house. As you can see there is a pocket for the child to attach the door and the … Continue reading


A Quiet Book No Sew Part 1

This book was totally inspired by thecraftymummyblog. Please visit her blog at She does a fantastic job on her book. This project is mainly for a book for 2 year olds. Since I am a novice at this, I used foam sheets. I used a long foam sheet for the cover and cut the long … Continue reading


Making a Kids Toy Log House: Recycled Paper

There is nothing like working with your child to construct a log house for your daughters dolls. It’s not just understanding the ” how” to build process and teaching her the basics of putting things together, but it is trying to teach her the value of not wasting but recycling something as simple as your … Continue reading